To restore Acholi’s Dignity, Pride, Wealth, Health and Education


To take action on the causes of poverty and social injustice by advocating and supporting the most vulnerable and marginalised Acholi People to transform their future


Advancing health

Advancing social or public welfare

Public benevolent institution



  • To reduce school dropout and increase attendance and participation

  • To increase awareness and provide support to orphans and widows

  • To increase awareness and provide support for aged care

  • To increase awareness and provide support to people living with a disability such as Nodding Syndrome

  • To reduce the prevalence of the following medical conditions at Kitgum District hospital; HIV/AIDS, Orthopedics, Ophthalmic, Malaria, Kwashiorkor and to conduct further research into Nodding Syndrome

  • To provide sustainable opportunities and support for local farmers and local business personnel


  • Care for the most vulnerable Acholi people such as orphans, widows, person with a disability and aged care

  • Empower Acholi people to take positive and progressive change for their own future

  • Promote a peaceful and respectful environment for all Acholi people

  • Motivate Acholi people to be involved in the economic fabric of Acholiland and to work hard to provide for themselves and their family

  • Act with honesty and integrity

  • Be transparent, accountable and responsible for our actions