By donating twenty dollars you are helping us improve the lives of children in Acholi community. Your contribution will assist us to support the most vulnerable, for example:

  • ninety percent of Acholi children do not have access to food on a daily basis, your donation will help provide breakfast for children each morning

  • children left orphaned do not have shelter or food, Acholi Resilience is working towards providing food and shelter for these children.

  •  children die unnecessarily because of lack medicine, one of our goals is to provide vaccinations against preventable diseases.  

Acholi Resilience is registered with the Australian Charities Not for profit Commission and endorsed with the deductible Gift Recipient status. Any money you donate, you receive tax concession.


For direct banking:

Account Name: Acholi Resilience, Account Number: 467011619 BSB: 017214

Banking Institution: ANZ

Via Paypal:

Donate $20 or any amount.


Any amount