Supporting schools

Primary Schools project has been initiated and through 'Sponsor a School' contributions funding from very generous donors, Acholi Resilience is able to support a school in providing meals for students attending the school. New teachers have been hired to cater for the number of children attending the school and improve their learning experiences.

Education is vital to community development. By providing meals and other basic needs, orphans and poor children are encouraged to attend school to learn.

School Program cost:

  • Feeding program, we are feeding 317 people, 300 students, 5 cooks, 10 teachers and 2 watchmen. It cost $17000 a year for food and $5000 for cooks’ salary.

  • Teaching materials costs $6000 per year

  • Teachers salary $7000 per year

  • Teachers accommodations one off payment of $10000

Please help us sustain our school projects and give us means to expand to other neighbouring schools in Northern Uganda through your generosities by donations or other means of contributions.

Feeding Program progress/updates over a week 2018
School Equipments

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