Nodding Syndrome

We care for Nodding Syndrome victims and provide clothing and shelter such as rehabilitation centres with the help of our health support program. With our rescue program, we provide hospitalisation and care for Nodding Syndrome victims who are abandoned and left to die.  Through partnerships, we will fund research into understanding the nature and causes of Nodding Syndrome among children. We provide cows and ploughs for Nodding Syndrome victim families as part of our sustainability programs.


Primary Schools 

Ability to read and write is vital for any community. We maintain and improve primary schools attendance and participation by provision of lunches and sports equipment. We also pay school fees for children who are unable to attend schools. We hire teachers to support struggling schools and improve student learning experiences. We employ cooks and provide equipment for our feeding program.





We dig and repair boreholes, which are broken down. Previous aid organisations dug thousands of boreholes in Acholi communities to provide clean drinking water. These boreholes are now broken down without repair.