Sustainability Program

Program A - Community Sustainability by providing economic growth through the farming programs.

Sustainable Farming

we have 70 cows in total. 49 cows at Lapana Village, Kitgum Matidi Sub-county and 21 cows at Okidi, Amida Sub-County. It is sustainable because we provided the victims of Nodding Syndrome in Lapana with two oxen for ploughing, a cow for milk and a plough. In Okidi, we provided two oxen for ploughing, a cow for milk and a plough in a group of 5 families.


A plough costs $150, a mature cow costs $400, ready to plough or produce. The principle of sustainability is for beneficiaries to return the new calves to Acholi Resilience when they reach six months old. This would allow Acholi Resilience to extend help for other vulnerable families in the community.


Raising cow for meat at Lapana, the cows are to be sold for meat (25 cows at Lapana are needed).

Crop Farming

Planting rice, maize and beans. We have not started this program. We need a tractor costing $45000, land $30000 and fencing $2500. Produce from the farm will be sold to maintain the farm, feed victims of Nodding Syndrome and the school feeding program as well as paying staff. We also need a truck which cost $70000.

Program B - Health Support Program by providing immediate hospitalisation and care for Nodding Syndrome victims who are abandoned and left to die. And continual support through rehabilitation centres.

Rescue Program

Currently we have two health care workers paid by Acholi Resilience helping with the rescue program. Once a child is rescued, we pay for hospital stay, feeding and a carer at the hospital to look after the child and paid at a cost of $ 200 a week.

Nodding Syndrome Rehabilitation Centres

We would like to reopen Tumagu to house the high care need victims. This will cost $7000 a month.

We would like to build more accommodations at Lapana, Okidi and Pader each cost $250000. This will help house the high care need victims at this locations and providing care at $7000 a month.

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